Divers develop a strong bond with their gear. It is, after all, life support equipment and should be treated as such. One solid truth about divers is this: As diver’s advance, the majority gravitate towards the “DIR” style of gear configuration. I am a firm believer in starting out with highest quality gear that you can grow with, not out of.

I dive in a backplate/wing style BCD with a 7’ hose on my primary regulator. My alternate air source is a regulator attached to a bungee necklace that sits just below my chin. SPG (pressure gauge) is clipped off on the left side of my waist.
If you are renting gear from me for a course, you will be in a similar gear configuration as me. If you have your own gear, by all means bring it and use it. You are still welcome to try any items in the rental fleet. I want you to dive what feels right for you and we will make adjustments to your kit prior to entering the water.

Below is a list of the gear I have available for rent to students.

• Backplate/ wing BCD’s
• Din Regulators
• Flashlights (dive torch)
• Knives
• Reels/spools
• Regulators sets
• Steel 100cf cylinders
• Aluminum 80cf cylinders
• Fins
• Fin Booties
• Shearwater Perdix dive computers
• Shearwater Peregrine dive computers