Nashville’s leader in QUALITY scuba training.

There’s more to becoming a SCUBA diver than a fast paced 3 day class at a dive shop.

I am an independent SCUBA instructor with a passion for introducing new divers to the underwater world and honing the skills of existing scuba divers through advanced training. My training programs provide students an unprecedented level of quality, safety and professionalism. Offering small, intimate training sessions allows me to give students the attention and oversight not commonly found with large dive shop classes. You are in the right place if you are seeking top tier SCUBA training.

The foundations of my Open Water Diver Course are stability, control and comfort in the water.  Once you attain stability and comfort underwater, it is much easier to be in control.   The skills you will learn are not hard, they are actually easy and FUN!  Setting students up for success is key, and that’s why I teach buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques FIRST.  The skills become much, much easier when you are in control of your body position underwater.  You will learn how to perform all of the required skills while being neutrally buoyant, so that you are comfortable repeating them at any point on any dive in the future.

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Personalized scuba instruction with just you and a professional SCUBA instructor.
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SCUBA training designed for families of up to 5 people. (ages 10 & up)
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Get certified solo or with a friend.  A great way to meet new people!